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Prepper App is a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means you will automatically receive updates and more features - without paying extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free and the premium plan?

When you register, you will get an account. This will be in the free plan automatically. You can test the app unlimited in the free plan. You can test the barcode scanner as well as the realtime synchronization on your own devices or on devices of family members - as soon as they joined your common community. One major limitation of the free plan is, that you can only manage 30 items. If you want to add more items, you have to upgrade to the premium plan. You will keep your settings, communities, storage locations, products and photos of course!

Can I switch from one plan to another?

Yes, a change is possible. Just cancel your current subscription and wait until it expires. Then you can subscribe to your new subscription. If you want to change immediately, you can also contact us, and we will try to refund the amount you have already paid, so that you can take out the new subscription immediately.

How much will the new iOS App or the new Android cost, as soon as they are available?

We are currently working on an iOS app and an Android app that synchronizes with the WebApp. These apps will be available for free download from the AppStore or PlayStore. In the free plan, these apps have the same restrictions as the WebApp - but with the Premium or Family subscription, they can be used with all functions for free without separate costs. So you only pay for one subscription and can use all the apps!

Should I wait for the iOS App and the Android App to be released?

We are currently developing our native apps. Since we are developing cross-platform, both apps will be released shortly after each other. If the handling of our web interface on a smartphone is too complicated for you, you can of course wait for the apps! However, taking out a subscription for the web app right now has also its advantages: You support our work on the apps and can use the account with all created communities, storage locations and items directly in the app as soon as it is available!

I still have the iOS App Version 3.x on my iPhone/iPad. What will happen with it?

The current app will remain in the App Store for the time being, but in-app upgrades can no longer be purchased. This app will no longer be developed in favor of the new and, in our opinion, improved solution. If you are a user who has purchased an in-app upgrade and would like to switch to the premium subscription, please contact support. Here we offer a generous discount!

How long will the price of a subscription be valid?

A cancelled subscription, no matter whether with or without discount, whether monthly or annual subscription, will always keep the same price with Paypal - until it is cancelled.

I am interested in the premium features, but I do not want to make a subscription.

If you do not want to make a subscription but still want to enjoy the premium features, please contact support. We will then try to find a solution.

What happens to my account from the testing phase?

The accounts in the test phase from September 2019 to September 2020 were completely free. These accounts are still valid and usable in the free plan. If you change to the premium plan, all entered data and settings will of course be retained.