About Prepper App

About the Founder

We are a small family from southern Germany working on an independent and completely self-developed app for food management in private households.

We are independent from the food industry and from capital providers. Because we save ourselves any administrative overhead, we can react quickly to the needs of our customers. We categorically exclude the sale of our user data.

You have an idea, a suggestion for improvement, or found a mistake? Give it to me! We can't promise immediate implementation, as we still have some features on the roadmap. But we will do our best to implement the wishes of our users.

How everything began

In 2008, I followed the advice to make private food provision: I have stored some long-lasting food for emergencies in the basement of our house. At that time I didn't know that you only store food that you use in your daily life and that you change regularly. So I forgot my supplies. Five years later I had found them again by chance to find out that most of the food had already gone bad.

There had to be an app! After a short research I couldn't find one, so the idea for my first own app was born: The Prepper App! It should be programmed quickly to remind me of expiring food. In January 2013 I started directly working on the app. Since I had an iPhone, I developed for it - to the disadvantage of the many Android users who wrote to me over the years when there would be an Android version.

Since May 2019 I have been working on the completely new web app, which supports the most wanted feature of all users: Synchronization across all devices. Since the barcode scanner required for the app nowadays also works in the browser, this was a quick and easy solution.

On the roadmap for 2020 there are still many features and updates, which will be implemented and unlocked step by step!


Just write me an email, if you have questions of any kind: info@speisekammer-app.de.